5 Best Single Coffee Makers Brands

5 Best Single Coffee Makers Brands

Whether it’s an early-morning java or an afternoon latte, people look to caffeine for a hearty boost of energy, an enhanced physical performance, and sharpened mental alertness. If you want to enjoy a fresh brewed coffee without the messy filters and noisy grinding anytime of the day, one cup at a time; single coffee maker is for you. There are three main types of single cup coffee makers: Coffee pod brewers, K-cup brewers, and Tassimo brewers. Here’s a quick overview of the 5 best single coffee makers today:

1. Melitta BCM4 – If you want a well-built coffee maker that can brew a cup of coffee in one minute, Melitta BCM4 is a perfect choice. The Melitta’s brand is known for their innovative designs of coffee makers including air cleaners and humidifiers, cleaning bags, foils and wraps, and other coffee accessories. Melitta BCM4 is easy and convenient to pack when travelling. Parts of Melitta BCM4 are easier to clean like the cone section that you can just pop into the dishwasher.

2. Breville Gourmet Single Cup Coffee – This stainless steel coffee maker uses an advanced brewing system and evenly distributes water through the K-cup. Breville is wonderfully silent and with over 200 varieties of K-cup you can buy at gourmet coffee roasters in the U.S., you can never go wrong with your fine coffee taste.

For prolong coffee maker life, Breville recommends replacing the charcoal filter every two months. Also, you should not use abrasive scouring pads when cleaning the machines housing. The K-cup holder can be cleaned using a paper clip or similar tool.

3. Tassimo Hot Beverage System – Another one-cup-at-a-time brew system is the Tassimo Hot Beverage System. This versatile coffee maker has an adjustable cup stand, drip tray, and removable 68-ounce water chamber. Its cup stand can be used for different sized cups. Each brew takes less than a minute to complete. The Tassimo Hot Beverage System uses T DISC brewing system, a microprocessor technology that reads the bar code printed on each disk and adjusts the brewing function accordingly. If you want to prepare a custom blend coffee, you can mix and match different T DISCS like mixing a cappuccino disc, an espresso disc, and a hot chocolate disc whips up a tall cafe mocha.

4. Bunn My Cafe Pourover Single Serve Coffee or Tead Pod Brewer – This innovative coffee maker dispenses hot water through a drawer which holds coffee pods or tea bags. This coffee maker tends to break the record for fastest single cup coffee maker as it can deliver a hot cup of coffee or tea in less than 30 seconds. But of course, you have to make sure the machine is pre-heated.

5. Krups XP2070 Coffee and Espresso Combination Machine – If you are a coffee lover with wide range of coffee tastes, what could be more perfect if you can sip coffee anytime of the day, anywhere? The Krups XP2070 may be a sophisticated machine compare to other coffee makers but it is pretty traditional when it comes to brewing espresso, cappuccinos, lattes and other specialty coffees. It also comes with programmable clock/timer, flavor selector, and alarm system. The unit has a porta filter and three individual filter sieves for 1-cup, 2-cup or pod espresso preparation. You also don’t have to worry about overheating as the machine runs a self-cooling cycle.


Best Drip Coffee Makers You May Want To Consider

Best Drip Coffee Makers You May Want To Consider

Featured here are the best drip coffee makers you would want to have at your home. There is a wide range of coffee maker companies and models to choose from and you may disagree with what is listed here. Basically, the basis for this top 5 list is the best feature of these coffee makers. Your choice may differ depending on your needs but this list definitely will help you make the right selection. This list is in no particular order and the features mentioned here are the reasons why they made it to the top 5.

First on the list is Capresso. Although more famous for making great espresso machines, Capresso has the coffee TEAM therm that allows anyone to brew one of the best tasting coffees at the comfort of their home. This coffee maker has a burr grinder that ensures all its 10-cup capacity will not lose its flavor during grinding. Another of its wonderful features is the vacuum carafe made of stainless steel with thermal storage that seals the coffee to its freshness. This additional element keeps the coffee’s fresh taste and flavor longer.

Another coffee maker making it is the Krups FME5. Krups is one of the best choices in coffee makers and espresso machines because of the products’ quality. When you buy Krups, you are assured to get a high quality product. Krups FME5 made it to the top 5 mainly because of its features that made it very convenient and classy to use. Krups drip coffee maker offers wider range of functions with its comprehensive control panel and programmable timer.

Making it on the list, Bunn NHDX is the third. Bunn is the one of the strongest and most famous drip coffee maker companies. It is known to be the first to introduce the use paper filters in its coffee makers to the market. Bunn NHBX boasts of its ability to brew a maximum of 10 cups under a short period of time of 3 minutes. It is fast with ability to brew 10 cups under 3 minutes. It also has the capacity to store and keep water hot. This feature allows its user to have water to brew hot coffee anytime he needs it. Aside from that, Bunn offers a three-year warranty for its product that really attracts people to try this coffee maker.

Fourth on the list is the cuisinart coffee bar. Most of its features are the same as other average coffee makers. It has heater plate, 30-second brew pause, and “taste keeper” lip to maintain the freshness and taste of the coffee.

What made this drip coffee maker into the list is its exquisite ability to adjust its brewing capacity. Its flavor system allows the user to define brewing from 1-4 cups to 5-10 cups. With this, wastage is avoided and water flow in extracting coffee flavor is controlled.

Last, but definitely not the least, is the Delonghi. This is not as famous as the others which are mentioned here. Mostly those who are into espresso coffee are the ones who appreciate the strength of this coffee maker. Aside from espresso machines, Delonghi also has excellent drip coffee makers. One of which is the Delonghi DC 412T. The features of this Delonghi coffee maker are also very useful and convenient. But what this drip coffee maker takes pride of is its aroma button, a very unique feature that extracts and releases the best flavor of the coffee.

There are a lot of coffee makers in the market to choose from and the industry has developed competitive features. In time, this list could change. But for now, selecting the right coffee maker would definitely include those mentioned here.